Frequently Asked Questions:

What information do I need in order to book a transfer ?

Your full name

Total number of passengers - Make sure you include infants and children in the total number of passengers. 

Arrival landing time, Arrival flight number and Flight company name - We constantly monitor flight arrival times for possible delays. 

Desired departure time from the hotel - Please keep in mind that you have to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight departure time. At the following link you can see the transfer duration one way for many destinations 

Mobile phone number included your country code - This is really useful if we need to contact with you once your journey has begun or during your stay.

Hotel address - For any resort of stay there may be more than one hotel, apartment complex or villa with the same name. For the villas we need the official website of it,  the coordinates  and the mobile phone number of the owner in order to give us accurate information about the location as many of the villas are in remote areas.  In order to avoid the confusion we need full information about the resort of stay.

How I will recognize my driver ?


The driver of our company will be at the meeting point of the airport's arrival hall B,  which is located in front of the exit of the luggage hall B.  Exit B is located next to all car rental offices.  The driver will be holding a sign which will state the logo with the name of our Travel Agency named Edem  Travel  in order to recognize him. If you have any difficulty locating him please call to the emergency mobile phone number.  The driver will also assist you with your luggage on the way to the short stay car park at the airport terminal, as well as at your destination. 

What happens if my flight is delayed ?

We will be there waiting for you without extra charge. 

What do I do if I have a complaint ?

You will informe us about the incident via mail and we will reply you as soon as possible. 

What do I do if I forgot something in the vehicle ?

In case of forgotten items by the customers, the driver will store them after he have already informed about the incident the company and the company the client.

Why came another vehicle to pick me up?

In case of booking one of our vehicles (Coach - Minibus - Taxi) and we are not able to provide it will be for one of the following reasons:

Arrival flight delay of the previous transfer either of Chania airport or Heraklion Airport or due to an external factor such as traffic jam etc...

Because we do not want our clients to stay in waiting the vehicle, οur company will make the transport with one of our other vehicles. For example: In case we can not provide you the coach bus the transport will be made by minibus, taxi or vice versa. Ofcourse your transportation will be private only for you and without extra charge.


Has been my reservation request completed?

All reservation requests are passing through validation.  In case there are no mistakes or missing details we will send you your transfer ticket

   (either the missing details)   at your e-mail with in 24 hours.  Please keep in mind that last minute reservations can not be accepted. 

What if I am not on time to the meeting point?

If the day of the transfer the client doesn't come to the meeting point at the pre-agreed meeting time,  the driver of our company is obligated to wait maximum 10 minutes, after that time the driver will depart and  No refund  will be given. In that case the company has no responsibility for not carrying out the transfer. 

My travel group are landing on different flights. How can we book?

In order to ensure that every passenger receives the best and most prompt service we recommend you make one booking for each flight number (Separate transfer serervations).  On the other hand you can send us the last flight details where all will have gathered (one transfer reservation for all)

Which paperwork do I need with me when I meet my driver?

Will be needed a copy of your transfer ticket  or  the voucher number of your transfer ticket. 

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